SmartTask Updates
SmartTask Updates

SmartTask Updates


  • Gmail Add-On
  • Slack Integration
  • Native Forms

Coming Up ⭐️

  • Time Tracking - Custom Charts (Released)
  • Slack Integration
  • Call Recording for outside India users
  • Karma Dashboard

Coming Later 🤞

  • Outlook Add-in
  • Calendly Integration
  • Multi-select tasks with "Shift"

🎉 Sep, 2020

⏲️ Project Budgeting

  • Define Cost and Billable rate for each user in the team
  • View project report showing the current Cost and Billable Amount

♦️ Introducing new way to create Milestones in projects

  • Define milestones in project and the same would also be reflected in the portfolio view as status for each project.
  • This is a change from section as milestones to tasks converted to milestone. Gives better visibility and predictability for each project.

🥳 Redesigned Portfolio View with Custom Fields

  • Column visibility, customize width and reordering
  • Add Custom Fields as columns

🚴🏼 Aug, 2020

📞 Call Recording for Inquiry followups

  • Allow user to share their own file link as an attachment to a task
  • Allow associating a contact to a parent while importing contacts through CSV.
  • Improved Custom Field options creation User Experience
  • Allow None section in board view to be collapsed

🚣🏻‍♀️ July, 2020

Improved Create Project popup

  • Now while creating a project have options to
    • Set project's privacy level
    • Set project's default view - Tasklist, Board, Timeline
    • Add project to the protfolio
    • Set project's due date


  • Board view can now have columns by Custom Field options instead of By Sections
  • Display number of Task comments and Subtasks in the Tasklist view
  • Project description is visible both in the Mobile and Desktop view for all project members

👨🏻‍🔬 June, 2020

  • Authentication improvements (Mainly backend)
  • Show Critical path in Timeline view
  • Allow dependency association while importing tasks from CSV

🔮 May, 2020

Team Workload

  • Track who's overloaded and assign the overloading tasks to colleagues


  • Allow sorting in board view
  • Allow increasing of input height for Text Custom Field input.

🤩 April, 2020

  • Video conferencing available in Task and Chat view


🏇🏻 March, 2020

🍻 Custom Chart Filters

  • Now filter while creating a Custom Chart.
  • This enables further customizations while creating Custom Charts. This opens up a whole new world of Custom Charts that a team can create.

  • Search Tasks by portfolio

👌 Feb, 2020

💫 Automated Check-Ins

  • Its almost impossible to individually talk to each person in the team daily to get their progress towards a set goal
  • Automated Check-Ins would ask a simple question like What did you work on today? to the team through an email. People can reply back to that email with 2-3 lines summary.
  • The replies are then collated into 1 single email and sent to the whole team at end of the day.
  • Here's an example:

  • Task comments can now be deleted within 5 minutes
  • Tag and reply to specific task comment

🌈Dec, 2019

  • Import task now takes into account TaskId column if present. If the system recognizes the TaskId it would overwrite the current task with latest values in the CSV file.
  • Tag colors are dynamic by default instead of same old color Grey.
  • Project color coding now available

🐣Nov, 2019

🎨Whitelabel and Branding now available

⚽Oct, 2019

🔒Comment Only Tasks

  • Now prevent users from modifying project's timeline and tasks. For example you can invite your client to a project and he would only be able to view and comment on relevant tasks.

🤝Align Task to Parent Task while Import

🤸‍♂️Sep, 2019

📑Drag and Drop files into Task detail view to attach them

  • Image file now opens in a modal view for better viewing
  • Time Tracking data now displays if it was manually entered by a user or through the Timer.

⛱ Aug 30, 2019

🎉SmartTask Forum released in the wild

SmartTask Forum is a place for the community to share ideas, suggestions and get insights on how to utilize SmartTask for best results.

Do check it out guys!


Other updates

  • Earlier users didn't have a way to request access to a Group. This is now available as a link under the Group. One can request access, which will send out an email to all the Group administrators.
  • Drag and drop files in the task detailed view
  • Copy and paste image in the task comment section to attach image to the task.
  • We have had a lot for feedback for Date Custom Field from our existing users and we are happy to convey that this feature is live now 😊

🏖 July 15, 2019

🌟Faster Task creation

For sometime now we didn't like the fact that our users had to to wait for around 200 ms after clicking on "Add Task" button for task to be created.

In this change we made it possible for the client to create a task in 10 ms, so you just have to click on the "Add Task" button and start typing as soon as you are done with the task, click Enter and start typing another task